Writing Book Titles

Writing book titles is harder and more important than you think. So before you go with the first title that comes into your mind consider just how important a good book title is to the success of your book.

Have you ever heard of the book title: “Everything Men Know About Women” by Cindy Cashman? – if you haven’t then there’s something very special about that book that I’ll share at the end of this article.

This book became a world wide best seller, selling over a million copies, on the strength of it’s title alone. The records of publishing are filled with books that flopped spectacularly when originally published. Yet the same book with just a different cover and title went on to become a best seller.

There is a saying that we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but the truth is we do. People will buy a book on the strength of its title alone, I have and I’m sure you have too.

Keep this in mind when writing book titles for your book. In fact I’d recommend that you write at least 100 titles down for your book. Writing book titles like this can be hard work, but you will be amazed at the gems such work uncovers.

I find it easier to do this task in 10-minute chunks. Use a timer as it helps to keep you on task and keep a pen and paper with you at all times, you never know when inspiration is gong to strike.

I’d advise you to avoid falling in love with a book title. When you’ve finished writing book titles, choose the 4 or 5 that you like and test them out with everyone you can. Remember that when it comes to writing book titles that will sell your book the only ‘guru’ is testing. Just because a few people say a title is a good title, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is.

Ideally you would run an online campaign allowing people to click on a particular title, the data you collect can be very valuable. Tim Ferris used this method via an AdWords campaign to see which title got the most clicks and ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’ has gone on to be a best seller you’ve probably heard of.

Writing book titles for your book is something I’d recommend you leave until you’ve finished writing your book. The reason being that as the book is finished you can zoom out and take a big picture look at what your book is about. This will help you to consider titles that ordinarily may not have been apparent to you.

I promised to tell you what made Cindy Cashman’s book so special. Well, if there is one book that is a testament to the power of writing book titles and choosing a good one then this is it. The book contains 128 blank pages and nothing else.

Remember this the next time you’re writing book titles, they are very important to the success of your book.